Greeting from the Soviet circus legend, People’s Artist of the USSR, Oleg Popov

Dear participants, guests, colleagues and friends! Please, accept my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of opening of the III International Festival of Circus Arts “Golden Karl - 2013”, which has already become a traditional event, in Riga! For the third time the State Circus of Latvia is gathering participants and guests of the festival under its roof. For the third time you are hosting the best world circus artists, prominent judges and honourable guests. I am convinced that your festival will be an outstanding event for the world public, a genuine and unforgettable celebration for all those people, who will step into the circus arena tonight.

The Festival “Golden Karl” has become widely known in the world circus community, it startles with its scale, quality of acts, number of participants and diversity of genres. Of course, it all became possible thanks to the head and art director of the circus Lolita Lipinska. Today the oldest circus in Europe is decorated with flags of various countries – participants of the festival; and it means that your initiative will become colourful and impressive celebration for thousands and thousands of admirers of circus mastery. Let ovations and laughter never calm down under the roof of Riga Circus, and let the aura of friendship, mutual understanding and optimism reign on the stage and behind the scene.

Circus has always been a celebration, youth and, of course, laughter. Circus is my life, which holds a prominent place in my destiny, since I have been serving this type of art for more than sixty years. I am proud that in winter 1951 my first work trip was Riga Circus, where my creative career as a juggler on a high wire and a carpet clown started. I sincerely greet all participants, international judges and guests of the festival and I wish happy and long life to the festival itself. All the best to the III International Festival of Circus Arts “Golden Karl-2013”!

Best regards,                                                                                             2013, Germany              
People’s Artist of the USSR,
„Golden Clown” Award Winner at Monte-Carlo

OLEG POPOV